About the Project

The five hundredth anniversary of Anabaptism in 2025 gives the church a unique opportunity to celebrate and dream. To celebrate the Spirit’s calling together of diverse people across all boundaries of culture and geography. To dream about how more people can be invited into and participate in leading and shaping Anabaptism’s future. To celebrate how young people have made faith their own for centuries, and to dream how young people today can become even more deeply engaged and empowered to help lead the Anabaptist movement into the future. To celebrate all the ways God has been faithful, and to dream about how we can mend what’s been broken.

MennoMedia invites you to celebrate and dream with us as we embrace the hope and possibility created by this momentous anniversary.As our world continues to evolve and change, the church needs to increase our capacity to offer creative, imaginative resources that inspire people to commit to and grow in Christian faith. MennoMedia’s vision is to lead the way in helping North American Anabaptist Christians experience spiritual renewal by creating fresh, forward-looking resources for Anabaptism’s quincentenary celebration. Each resource will offer spiritual inspiration, connection, education, and invitation to the Anabaptist community and to the broader Christian church.

FAQ: The Anabaptist Community Bible Project

The Anabaptist Community Bible will be printed in English. Bible study groups are welcome to submit their Bible study notes in Spanish, French or Bahasa Indonesian.

Further questions?

Contact JohnDRoth@MennoMedia.org.