Anabaptist Community Bible Project

Our Goals: 

  • 500+ Anabaptist Community Bible study groups gathered to read the Bible 
  • 2,000+ hours of Anabaptists reading and studying the Bible in their community
  • 500+ future years of Anabaptist disciples transformed by their encounter with Scripture
  • 1 Anabaptist Community Bible featuring marginal notes from Anabaptist study groups worldwide

How To Get Involved 

Step 1: Review the Study Group Process and identify your study group.

Spend some time reading through the “Reading Scripture Together” leader guide and identify a small group (4–6) of people in your faith community to participate in a four-session Bible study.

Step 2: Contact Anabaptism at 500

Register your study group’s commitment and receive a specific set of Bible passages to study.

Step 3: Read Scripture together

Read, reflect, and discuss the biblical passages; write and refine marginal notes.

Step 4: Submit your marginal notes by June 1, 2023.